Global Risk Management

Global Risk Management is a leading provider of customised hedging solutions for the management of price risk on energy expenses.

Combining in-depth knowledge of the energy market, finance and transport, we help clients protect their margins from the risk posed by notoriously volatile energy prices.

We can help you identify and balance all the unique variables involved in energy risk management, providing a unique risk management strategy tailored specifically to your financial objectives.

Our group consists of three companies of which one is licensed with the Danish FSA as investment firm and one is registered in Singapore. We have offices in several European cities as well as Singapore, and from here our staff is not only offering hedging tools to our clients - we add extensive service, profound market knowledge and constant focus on how to optimise your business.


A/S Global Risk Management Ltd.

Global Risk Management Pte. Ltd.

A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmælgerselskab