Bunker Holding Group

Bunker Holding is the largest company in the USTC (United Shipping & Trading Company) Group and the world’s leading company in bunker trading. With more than 1,400 specialists in 34 countries worldwide, Bunker Holding’s international clients know that a local expert is always at hand with detailed insights into suppliers, port logistics, local availability, and pricing. 

Bunker Holding Group head office, MiddelfartSince 1981 Bunker Holding has specialised in the purchase, sale and physical supply of fuel and lubrication to the shipping industry. Much more than a simple oil trading company, Bunker Holding services the shipping industry with a wide assortment of fuels, facilitating and accelerating the transition into the green fuel agenda that, especially within the last decade, has garnered increased international attention.  

With 66 offices, more than 1,760 ports around the world, and employees representing 53 nationalities, Bunker Holding is a truly international company that aims to remain a professional and trustworthy partner to our customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, and the countries we operate in. Built on the values of decency, leadership, and business acumen, we know that to remain the international frontrunner, we must be willing to enter uncharted business areas. For any company to exert influence, profitability is a key metric, and a keen eye for good trading is essential to retain our status as an active pioneer. For the very same reason, any employee under the Bunker Holding banner knows that decency must guide our every action, and that profitability must never come at the cost of the moral and ethical codes we abide and live by. 

Good business in veins and values 

Founded by Torben Østergaard-Nielsen in 1981, Bunker Holding grew out of the bunkering success created in the local ship brokering firm Julius Mortensen Shipping. Born of the original success of Dan-Bunkering, Bunker Holding is headquartered in Middelfart, Denmark, overlooking the Little Belt between Jutland and Funen, within eyesight of the USTC Headquarters.  

Infused with the entrepreneurial spirit of Torben Østergaard-Nielsen, the addition of Keld Rosenbæk Demant, an ambitious, young, and structured marketing director, created the foundation of new growth. Since ascending to the title of CEO in 2013, Bunker Holding has further accelerated its growing turnover through organic growth and a series of mergers and acquisitions.  

Bunker Holding has a rich history but remain forward-looking and focused on answering the needs and challenges of an ever-changing industry. Our mission is to make fuelling ships simple. 

We do this through being resourceful, versatile, and always open for new business opportunities. With our global reach, local expertise, and financial strength, we can constantly focus on our owners’ vision of improving man’s ability to sail the oceans.