Sustainability Report 2022-2023

USTC’s approach to sustainability is a natural extension of our core principles of business acumen, leadership, and decency. We are fortunate to have a dedicated owner family with a strongand unwavering ambition to promote the agenda across the Group. As external expectations to ESG activities continue to evolve, and as our efforts progress, our priorities and reporting will also mature. Our Group efforts on sustainability and ESG have evolved over past years with increasing ambitions matching the maturity of the area
as well as the expectations to us by our stakeholders.


The ESG framework we defined in 2021/22 has served well in creating positive impact along multiple dimensions. The USTC ESG framework is the blueprint for how we embed ESG across all aspects of our business. Split into four material topics, the framework outlines our core strategic priorities within the area of ESG:

  • Corporate Governance 
  • Climate Impacts
  • Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion 
  • Compliance. 

The USTC Sustainability Report 2022/23 focuses on setting conglomerate-wide standards, highlights strong frameworks, enhanced opportunities for more sustainable solutions, and provides employees with more support in reaching their potential across any bias gaps.




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Code of Conduct

USTC's Code of Conduct sets forth the guidelines for the company's approach to managing and developing the group in a responsible manner. It describes the CSR requirements as well as the standards applying to personal conduct and business practice in USTC and our subsidiaries.

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