CM Biomass is one of the largest independent wood pellet trading companies in the world.

We work with a variety of clients, from very large producers and utilities to smaller regional producers and distributors, thus trading industrial as well as premium grade pellets. Today, we trade more than 3,500,000 MT wood pellets per year. In addition, we have recently increased trading of other biomass including sunflower husk pellets, peanut hull pellets and olive cake pellets.

CM Biomass Partners was founded in 2009 as a response to the European Union’s increased demand for sustainable green energy solutions and the EU RED 2020 targets. 


Since then, helping suppliers meet sustainability requirements has also become an important and fast-growing task.

Today, CM Biomass Partners employs more than 145 dedicated professionals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Latvia, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam and USA.

The USTC Group acquired 60% of CM Biomass in 2021. The remaining 40% is held by the founding-family and key senior executives in CM Biomass.