Keld R. Demant


Keld R. Demant, CEO of Bunker Holding  

Since his first hiring in 1998, Keld R. Demant has been one of the driving forces in Bunker Holding. Starting as a Sales and Marketing Director and accepting the role as CEO in 2013, Demant has been a deciding factor in the success of the Bunker Holding Group, a calming presence through rough seas and a close confidant to the founders, owners and management of the Group. 

Keld R. Demant, CEO of Bunker Holding GroupInitially hired from a position as a product manager in a chemical company, Keld R. Demant became responsible for his first employees at 21. Upon meeting Torben Østergaard-Nielsen, Keld immediately developed a sense that they together could build something extraordinary, and with his natural predisposition toward structure, he was the perfect character to streamline the Bunker Holding Group, which at the time was permeated by the entrepreneurial spirit that characterised Torben Østergaard-Nielsen 

Growing the turnover from 1,3 billion to 123 billion in the next 24 years, Keld R. Demant has shown himself to be an exceedingly talented leader and merchant, and he still today enjoys the utmost confidence of both management and the owner family 

During his tenure as both Sales and Marketing director and later as CEO of Bunker Holding, Keld. R. Demant has spearheaded the structuralisation required to expand the group into the international leader that it is today.  

Residing in Middelfart, Keld R. Demant not only understands every aspect of the business, but has the same cultural heritage as the owner family, embodying the values that have been the Group’s guiding principles since the early days. 

The values of Decency, Leadership and Business Acumen stem directly from Torben Østergaard-Nielsens original business philosophy, meaning that any employees of Bunker Holding must understand that we are not afraid to lead our industry towards new standards, that this is only possible if we remain profitable and that profitability must not come at any cost. The Group’s actions must never be at the expense of our moral and ethical obligations, the trust we enjoy from our clients, partners and society and our responsibility towards each other and our planet.




Group CEO 

Born in 1966. 

Joined Bunker Holding in 1998. Member of the Executive Board since 2004. Appointed Group CEO in 2013. 

Special competencies 

Substantial experience from leading positions in international companies. Strong operational competencies and extensive knowledge within strategic management and marketing as well as substantial management experience. 

Other directorships 

Chairman and member of the board in several Bunker Holding Group companies. Chairman of the board in Strib Idrætsefterskole. 


Executive Management and Board of Director programs from INSEAD supplemented by shipping training at Oxford University and Lorange Institute.