Global Risk Management

With deep finance, industry and transportation expertise, and with full participation in the global energy markets, GRM provides consumers and producers of energy commodities the knowledge and ability to identify and efficiently manage all energy price exposures inherent within their operations. We offer clients to hedge their energy price exposure by entering bilateral OTC swaps with GRM. GRM has broad market access to products in most energy indices from highly liquid exchange traded futures to less liquid OTC swaps and options.

The GRM group consists of three companies, one is licensed with the Danish FSA as an investment firm and functions as a full sales and trading operation, one as a private commodity trading operation, and one is located in Singapore also as a full sales and trading operation. We have offices in Europe and Asia.


A/S Global Risk Management Ltd.

Global Risk Management Pte. Ltd.

A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmælgerselskab